Design Services Include: Custom Design, New Construction, Flower Beds, Stone Beds, Natural Gardens, Night Scaping, Water Features, Ponds, Playgrounds, Walkways, Driveways, Fire Pit and Outdoor Entertainment.

*Jonathan Ive has received several awards for his design of Apple Inc. products like the Mac Book*

Here at Fielders Choice, Our Design Department likes to be unique, use natural beauty and clean lines to capture the vision for your landscape design.  We can design outside the box or stay within during the design process. 

  • The first step in the Design process is to schedule an appointment at your property.
  • During the first visit, we will discuss with you all ideas and thoughts for the new design.
  • The third step is to take onsite before pictures and measurements of property.
  • The fourth step is to research property thoroughly through site survey, blue prints, town codes, environment interest, horticultural value, erosion, soil test and material availability.
  • The fifth step is to create the design. 
  • Once the Design is created and meets your expectations, we prepare for the design/build process.
  • The final step is to ensure that the design is completed as imagined from the beginning.

We look forward to meeting with you.  Together with our artistic landscape experience, we can create the perfect landscape that fits your budget.