Everybody knows the tell tale sign that it is beginning to become fall: the leaves start to change colors and they fall from the trees, landing in your yard prompting the annual Fall Clean Up!

Fielders Choice Lawn Care is proud to have a team of experienced landscapers ready to take care of your clean up, no matter the size of the property!

Why is it important to remove all of the debris that finds its way into your yard? Whether you have a large area of leaves, or branches laying on the grass or garden, they can cause future issues. Issues like brown patches in the grass, or depriving the turf or garden of oxygen, or even promoting the growth of fungi in areas where moisture is trapped under leaves.

Here are a few of the important parts of a fall clean-up:

  • Trim and shape hedges and shrubs one last time for a neat winter look and to prevent snow and ice damage.
  • Deadwood or cross branches need to be pruned to dispose of the chance of pest troubles.
  • Eliminate all leaves, twigs, branches, and debris from lawn and planting beds.
  • Perennial flowers must be “dead-headed” to increase growth in the spring.
  • Mulch must be turned and roughed up for a neat look and to remove any mold that can be set in.

Have your yard proper and clean through the entire off season, ready to embrace your holiday decorations and promoting a healthy lawn and garden for the following year!

Contact Fielders Choice Lawn Care today to schedule your Fall Clean-Up!

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