As we are in the midst of the busy summer season, we here at Fielders Choice Lawn Care, LLC are starting to plan for the fall.  There are many services that will help your lawn make the transition from active summer growth to winter dormancy and to a vigorous growth next spring. In fact, some of the most important things you can do for your lawn are done in late summer, fall and early winter. A properly prepared lawn will be more resistant to diseases like winter molds and less likely to develop dead spots due to compacted leaves. 

In late August and September, we recommend aerating and overseeding your turf. It’s a fact. Aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Late summer and/or early fall is the optimum time to do it. To get the healthiest and strongest lawn possible, the Landscaping Industry recommends aerating three times a year, spring, summer and fall. 

Compacted soil and heavy thatch are the two biggest obstacles to a beautiful lawn. They tend to suffocate grass plants by preventing air, water and nutrients from reaching the root zone. Lawns with compacted soil tend not to perform at optimum levels and take longer intervals to recover from adverse weather conditions. A lawn with excessive thatch is more susceptible to diseases such as Brown Patch and Fusarium Blight. 

Fielders Choice Lawn Care, LLC offers an aeration program to help. Aeration is accomplished through the use of a machine equipped with cylinder-like tines designed to penetrate and shatter the soil. Cores of thatch, soil and grass are actually pulled out of the ground during the process. The plunging action of the tines opens up the soil, allows grass plants to breathe, permits better utilization of fertilizer, air and water and promotes a deeper, healthier root system. 

Other benefits of aeration: 

  • Increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone
  • Intensifies decomposition of thatch
  • Helps reduce soil compaction
  • Stimulates new growth
  • Improves soil drainage 
  • Provides a better environment for over seeding

Increases the effectiveness of fertilization and other lawn care products   Planning on giving your property some “curb appeal”? September is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs, install sod, apply seed or re-seed, install mulch, and design new stone walkways and driveways or refresh existing stone walkways and driveways. Having drainage issues? Ask us how we can help to divert water from your home with NDS products! In October and November, fall cleanups are important to prep your property for the winter months. Our cleanups consist of trimming shrubs, raking leaves, removing dead shrub limbs/debris, and weeding and cleaning of flower beds. At this time, we can also add a protective layer of mulch to the flowerbeds.

Are you ready for Fielders Choice Lawn Care to take care of your turf? Contact us today!

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